Peristaltic pump-style semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Peristaltic pump-style semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Peristaltic pump-style semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Filling Machine Product Description;
Our company products include;Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.
Our goal is to produce more better and low price filling machines,packaging machines and so on.Name Type; peristaltic pump-style   semi-automatic liquid filling machine BT300-1F-type
Main use
May be filling the vast types of   liquid filling, including high viscosity liquids. Such as; pharmaceuticals,   chemicals, oils, cosmetics, food and other non-granulated liquid; filling with   high precision, suitable for laboratory use.
Speed range; 1 ~ 300rpm, positive   inversion reversible
Speed mode; Continuous adjustment   rotary encoder
Display; 128 * 64 dot matrix type   LCD can display flow rate and speed are two ways to switch between displays
The allocation of frequency; 1 ~   999 times
Allocation of fluid volume; 0.1ml   ~ 99.9L
Time interval; 1 ~ 999 seconds
Back to the absorption angle; 0 ~   360 ° (18 ° step)
Communication Interface; RS485
External control interface;   start-stop control, direction control, speed control (0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 4 ~ 20mA,   0 ~ 10KHz optional)
For Power; AC 220V ± 10%,   50Hz/60Hz (standard) AC 110V ± 10%, 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
Power consumption; <50 W
Working environment; Temperature   0 ~ 40 ???, relative humidity "80%
Protection class; IP31
Speed   Resolution; 1rpm
Drive Size; (L × W × H) 202 × 160   × 239 (mm)
Drive Weight; 4.3kg

Principles and characteristics of One that can be installed three   kinds of pump head; YZ1515x, YZ2515x, YZ1515w
1, you can set the time interval   allocated to facilitate automatic distribution of filling

2,   showing flow or speed

3,   right set of traffic be calibrated to obtain the most accurate flow

4, with Tongxun interface to   provide users with Tongxun agreement, user requirements can also customize Host   Computer Software

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Company Name: Jinan Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Address:  No.3843,Jichang Road,Lingang Development Zone,Jinan China
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Telephone: 86-15866784676
Fax:  0086-0531-88902662

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